Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Hello, thank you for stopping by....

I lost my voice on Monday (some may say that's a blessing ;) LOL) and was unable to make the video for the Tuesday Tutorial, I now have a very croaky voice and a terrible cough and cold, no good at all for videoing purposes!

I was wanting to show you a new stamp called 'Dahlia Turnabout Stamp' by Concord & 9th, I love this stamp, they also have the matching die but I've not been able to use that yet

So here are a few of the cards I made using this stamp:

I like the effect when stamping 'off the card' as this one, above, is

So, my blog friends, these are a few of the cards made with the one stamp.  I will have a video showing the process but think it's best to wait until the new year now when, I hope, all bugs and germs have vanished!  What say you?

Until tomorrow....

June x


  1. Love all the cards June. Yes I think you should wait until the New Year to do your video and 8 hop3 you feel better by Christmas. Take carex

  2. Hope you feel better soon A June, lovely cards too, xxx


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