Monday, 26 March 2018


Hi, welcome to my 'happy place'....

This may be a little difficult to capture with it being a dark background, when you see it in the 'flesh' the lettering and white shadow affect is quite prominent 

It will be our grandson's 10th birthday at the weekend and this is the beginning of his card

I've only the front made so far and still undecided if I should keep the centre of the 'o'  and I'm also undecided if I should make only a card or a little mini album for him.... decisions, decisions, decisions!  Let me know what you think about the 'o' centre ladies please

I'm so pleased I've remembered to check I had the designer paper the correct way when adhered to the white card base, all the dots are where they should be


  • white cardboard ~ The Range
  • designer paper ~ my stash
  • alphabet die set ~ Xcut
Until tomorrow....

June x


  1. Great card for your grandson - love the shadow effect. Like you I am not sure whether the Os and D should stay white but without the white it would be too much, I think. Is that an answer, I am not certain ?!!!!

  2. Brilliantcafd for your grandson. Think you should leave it as it is.


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