Monday, 25 March 2019


At last, hello and good morning to you all!

Once again a big heartfelt thank you for all the truly touching messages and cards, they mean so much to us

When I ventured into my craft room the top part of today's card was on my desk winking at me and all I had to do was back it onto a slightly larger white panel then onto the white card base
I used the sentiment, from Tonic's Craft Kit 19, and stamped it onto vellum using a Distress Oxide in worn lipstick.  The stamp and die set is all from the kit 19 and you'll see future cards using the dies.  I used the corresponding die to die cut it then I die cut it 4 times more on white card.  The white layers were adhered together then the vellum sentiment adhered to the base

I had lots of die cut hearts in my 'hearts storage box' and I used 3 of them, that were die cut from white card, and coloured them with a ProMarker in 'berry red'.  When you use white card don't forget to add the colour around the edge so you don't see any white card

I used a NUVO Glitter Marker in 'strawberry bonbon' to add a little sparkle to the heart

I can't remember the colours I used to create the pretty background nor can I remember the stamp either and I apologise for that

In the Tonic Craft Kit 19 there is a NUVO Smooth Precision Glue Pen, I must say that I've loved using this on the small areas of the sentiment, it definitely is a precision pen!

Health Update:

In the last 2 weeks Steve must have taken me to hospital 8 to 10 times, we've been to Urgent Care and A&E, all to do with my infected neck wound.  It has been horrendous and so painful!  During this time I was battling my 3rd episode of shingles, taking the antiviral tablets for those then numerous antibiotics to no avail.  The antibiotics were changed 3 times as nothing would work then the GP I saw last Monday gave me a 'script for new ones and they have made a huge difference, I'm pleased to report

It was such a pity this happened as the first 2 weeks the wound healed nicely and you could just about see with the incision had been made then the following morning my neck was swollen, very painful and you could see the inflammation spreading around the area.  I have to be so very careful regarding inflammations due to my immune system being extremely compromised due to the drugs I take for the rheumatoid disease, that said I've not been able to take any since Christmas because of the swelling in my neck and had to wait, eventually, for the biopsy result.  I received that a few days ago and I have, again, TB in my lymph nodes (the first time this happened I was 12 and it was totally different to this episode) but there isn't any trace of lymphoma, that was wonderful to hear.  I'm not infectious with the TB and start treatment today, it could last up to 6 months

We also had to visit the Eye Infirmary as my right eye was bloodshot for 3 days and also hurt.  The rheumatoid is in my eye and I'm using 3 different eye drops for this.  We're back to the eye infirmary tomorrow for a check up

My neck wound is improving each day too, at the height of it all my son said it looked like a pink slug!  I have to say Steve and I agreed with him too lol

So after 3 episodes of shingles since the 2 January I'm happy to report there is only one shingle spot remaining but boy I still get the pain when I move certain ways.  TB rearing its ugly head again, I did not know it could develop again and, if all goes well with the bucket load of meds I am taking for the TB I should be able to restart the rheumatoid medicines again.... #happy bunny  

To top all the above I'm so happy to let you know that we have our grandson back living in the north east!  His mum and he came back last week and I am so very, very happy for my son, he lives for his son and the last year has been so sad seeing Lee being unhappy and missing 'his boy'

Until tomorrow....

June x

Saturday, 16 March 2019


It's Steve here again, June has been so poorly these last few days, she has an awful infection in her neck wound and, I can't believe I'm saying this again but shingles have returned!  We've had 5 trips to hospital/doctors this week and it has really taken it our of her.  She has told me that she will be back on Monday, actually she said she is determined to be back on Monday and will show the card winner then.  June also asked me to tell you she is sorry this has happened again as she does not like letting anyone down.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Good morning everyone....
I CAS card for this week's give-away

On a piece of white card I used all of the distress oxides, shown in the picture below, to give me a colourful palette.  I then spritzed water over it and blotted it dry 

I added it to a slightly larger piece of black card and adhered it to the 5"x7" white card base

I already had a bunch of butterflies die cut so I used 3 different sizes and coloured them using the distress ink pads

I then stamped the sentiment (unknown stamp set) using a StazOn Jet Black ink pad, adhered the butterflies to the card and finally added a drop of NUVO's Crystal Drops in 'ebony black'
to the spine of each butterfly then dragged the drops to form a tail 

If you would like to give this card a new home please leave me a comment and your name will be added to Random.Name Picker and the winner announced on Saturday's blog

You have until 6pm Friday to do so

Until tomorrow....June x

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Technique Tuesday - Pixie Powders & Masking Fluid

Hello again!  Twenty five minutes later than scheduled I'm sorry to say, YouTube must be very busy

This is another technique to use as a background on your cards.  It's your choice whether you go for vivid colours or the more subtle shades.  I would have preferred to use a brick mask but, unfortunately, I don't have one!

I hope you enjoy the video

Until tomorrow....

June x

Monday, 11 March 2019


Good morning everyone....

I ordered this die from AliExpress, for those of you who haven't heard of this company they are based in China.  They make lots of similar dies, not replicas, as there is always something a little different in the design

I've had, possibly, 4-5 items from them and they have worked a treat, but, with this one I'm not too happy with it as it took about 6 passes to die cut and then I embossed it

This is not a complaint about it as I will use it on a lighter card stock and see if it's any better, but, for £1.28 I can't grumble

You have to remember that it takes several weeks for your order to arrive, and that said, one of my orders dropped through the letter box 4 days after placing it on-line! 

I've increased the size of the photo to show you that even after embossing it you can't see the details of the swirl lower down on the card.  May be I should have used a darker cardstock!

It's a 5"x51/2" card base and I placed the die on the edge of the card to give me the swirl.  I used some pretty pink paper to the card inside then stamped the sentiment on the front using 2 stamps by STAMPIN'UP! from their Fabulous Flamingo' stamp set and worn lipstick/Distress Oxide

To complete I used NUVO Crystal Drops/bubblegum blush  around the card front

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Good morning everyone....

The winner of the distress ink pad is,

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Jane R


Your ink pad will also be wining its way to you (you're on a roll this week!)

I'll be back tomorrow with a card, until then....

June x

Saturday, 9 March 2019


Good morning everyone....

Yesterday my ENT consultant telephoned me with a part result of the biopsy taken nearly 3 weeks ago.  He said there was TB in the node and they sent the remainder of the node to the histology department at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle, as further tests needed to be done because of the query of lymphoma.  He did say he didn't think there was lymphoma there but we'll just have to wait for the final results

This doesn't worry me but if it were my hubby, son or grandson I would struggle to cope.  It's like history repeating itself as, when I was 12 I had a TB gland in my neck, same side but higher up.  I was absent from school for at least 3 months as I had to have complete bed rest, luckily no operation but horrible daily medicine and daily injections of streptomycin in my bum.  I've not heard of anyone else who has had 2 lots of TB and shingles twice in succession.... I'm thinking of leaving my body to medical research!

Now onto something nice, the first card winner for 2019....

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Jane R


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Until later....

June x