Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Good morning bloggers....

The original tutorial I had scheduled for today did not go to plan.  It is a fantastic technique using alcohol inks and whilst I tried to use the tools I had it just did not work.... but I'm not a quitter so you will be seeing this eventually, I love it and hope I've now whetted your appetite for the tutorial

It isn't anything like the card below! 

On the card above you should be able to see the pastel colours under the sentiment.  I used 3 alcohol inks but the technique was not working for me.  I tried it twice more, I should mention here that I was using YUPO paper, and I do love using this particular medium, but it still would not work

As alcohol inks dry very quickly I decided to stamp an image onto the 'nicest' result of the three.  It actually looked lovely and I should have left it the way it was but instead I covered it with a clear embossing powder and heat set it....  then watched it melt and run so into the waste bin it went

The image above is the one that went into the waste bin 

I stamped the remaining two pieces and, as you can see on this bottom picture, the stamp dropped off the stamping platform when I tried to do a second application!

The ink wasn't drying either so I left the two pieces on my work table and left the room

On investigating this morning the ink was still wetish  so I tried Crafter's Companion's 'Spray & Shine' on the pieces and voila, it worked

The piece I threw in the waste bin was lying on the top of paper, winking at me,  so I took that out and gave it a spray and that's the piece shown above

I will use that sometime and the one below but that one may be reserved for something grungy/mixed media

So crafters, the moral of the story is, as always, don't throw anything away, leave it to one side and then go back to it and see what you can do, but do buy a can of the 'Spray & Shine' too it may save the day!

PS....  I'm not sponsored by Crafter's Companion! 

Until tomorrow....



  1. I love your blog June - that is what this is called yeah? Apart from all the inspiration you give and share all of your beautiful techniques you are not, and pardon my language, actually I shall curtail it, you are not up your own "bum" and are not afraid to show when you have made a "mistake" albeit it turns out ok the next day. For me, the fact that you ADMIT to have made a blooper is great gives us hope, you are just so NORMAL. THANK YOU for that June as there are far too many "PERFECT" crafters who "NEVER" admit to have made a mistake. xxx

  2. I had such a laugh reading this today - I have done very similar in the past. You feel like screaming but then it turns out alright in the end. Thank you June.

  3. Todays post really made me chuckle!! How many of us have been there!! Well done for admitting the 'faux pas', but also having the courage to carry on!! I am always amazed by what I can save!!


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