Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Good morning everyone....

Two small cards for today's give-away

Please excuse the lack of information but all I want to do is get back into bed

I'm at the Rheumatology Department later today and Saturday I'm booked for an endoscopy.... life is, currently, ongoing medical appointments!

Until tomorrow....

June x


  1. Such pretty cards, the colours used are 'right up my street' Love the decorative edge detail. Let's hope you ere feeling better soon, & you get some answers. Take care!

  2. Gorgeous card and beautiful colours. It's horrible when you have to go out and feel like poop, xxxx

  3. Absolutely fabulous cards, love the design, the colours and the edges. Feel better soon June

  4. Thank you for this offer to us - especially as you are feeling so bad. Thinking of you for the appointment.

  5. So sorry to hear ur so unwell and have these procedures to endure. It makes, what you share with us, even more special.
    If i can speak for the majority of us, you should take some time off from here and concentrate on yourself. I know you wont want to loose your followers, as it takes so long to get them BUT the majority of us would keep checking your blog and once youre well enough, we would be back following you with baited breath again lol.
    Seriously tho, your health comes first. If you fancy escaping to your 'happy place' AKA your craft room and produce the odd (no offense) card here and there, post them but please do NOT feel pressured into making a daily offering UNTIL you are well enough to.
    Please take care & good luck with your upcoming appointments xxx

  6. Hi June these cards are gorgeous. I am so sorry you feel so poorly. If you need to take a break from blogging we would all understand. I hope your appointment is helpful. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  7. these cards are so pretty,love the gentle colours.I agree with the girls,get yourself well again x

  8. A lovely card June but you must look after yourself and if you don’t feel like blogging then don’t. We all understand. Hope all goes well with your appointments. Take carex


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