Tuesday, 25 June 2019

I'LL BE BACK! - The Ramblings Of A Demented YouTuber

Good morning blog friends....

What a day I had yesterday!  Disaster from start to finish with making my video for the mini album using cards

It was a long video, granted, but would it download to hubby's computer, it would not!  My computer is old, it's Windows 7 and I love it, probably because I'm used to it and that was what I used when I worked for the NHS and PCT

Steve did buy me Windows 10 but, unfortunately I really do not like it, and, that's putting it mildly.  I gain a little solace knowing that one of my good friends now uses this where she works and she, in her words, "detests Windows 10".  That makes me feel a tad better because she is very savvy with the computer, where as for me, I don't like anything technical haha

So I was going to move 'Technique Tuesday' to Thursday for this week and bring forward Thursday's card for today, but, blow me, whilst it was scheduled for Thursday it's no longer showing in my posts and I've no idea where it has gone!  I've certainly not deleted it

You may notice that the photos of my 'followers' has moved to a different position and the font is also smaller, now that's my fault because I thought I would try a more subtle blog background and whilst I did click on 'keep changes' I'm not guilty of deleting Thursday's card!.... phew!

So that's the state of play for today and I will return tomorrow with the give-away card

I hope you all have or are having a good day, I only hope mine improves compared to yesterday lol

June x


  1. Technology - great when it is working!!!
    Think we all have these 'blips' with computers!!
    No stressing though!

  2. I don't like Windows 10 either. I have it on my laptop as my old laptop died, but I much prefer to use my very old PC which has Windows 7. Hope you have a stress-free day today. xx

  3. I think people of our generation are not techno minded. It may reappear !!!!???

  4. Oh dear, poor you, we've all been there though! My Hubby updated his Windows 8 to 10 and had no end of bother with it since then. My beloved windows 7 then gave up the ghost last year and I couldn't get hold of another one, so had to get a new Windows 10 and was surprised just as to how different it was. I spent a very trying week getting used to it but I'm pleased to say that I now quite like it and it's been trouble free (so far!) I just find it really frustrating when then do an update and then things don't work right after that. I think it's just a ploy for them to become slowly obsolete. Wishing you a happy and trouble free day x

  5. Hi June I am sorry you are having troubles. I hope they all get sorted soon. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  6. Hi June, Sorry you are having so much trouble. Hope it all sorts itself out soon. A nuisance for you especially when things disappear. Take care.


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